Crimson Shadows – new album details

Crimson Shadows - Kings Among MenNews from deepest Canada: The epic Melodic Death Metal band Crimson Shadows are set to release their upcoming album Kings Among Men on September, 1st in the UK via Napalm Records.

The Canadian Wacken Battle champions recently signed with Napalm Records & have just unveiled the title, artwork (Peter Salai), track list and release dates of their third album and Napalm Records debut.


  1. March of Victory
  2. Rise to Power
  3. Heroes Among Us
  4. A Gathering of Kings
  5. Maidens Call
  6. Braving the Storm
  7. Freedom and Salvation Intro
  8. Freedom and Salvation
  9. Dawn of Vengeance
  10. Moonlite Skies and Bloody Tides

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