EscapeTheCult – new prog supergroup

EscapethecultEscapethecult began life in 2008 as the brainchild of ambitious bassist Peter G. Shallmin of Siberian band Kamlath, whose vision of an all encompassing progressive metal audio/visual experience took shape with the help of some very high calibre musicians.

Joined by legendary US drummer Tim Alexander of Primus/A Perfect Circle, Sweden guitar virtuoso and Grammy nominee Mike Wead of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate and powerful French vocalist Matthieu Romarin of Uneven Structure, Escapethecult is nothing short of 2014’s most exciting prog super group. Five years of creating, sculpting and tweaking by the four metal legends has resulted in a deep, complex sound quite unlike anything else. Combined with the stunning visuals of Igor (Uneven Structure) and the multi sensory experience that is Escapethecult really comes to life.

The band have released a teaser, which you can see down below.

Shallmin comments:

“It was dynamic and exciting start, with blood, sweat and tears shed throughout the process and a long exhausted preparation for the attack. Every day was worth to make it real. We were sincere in our ideas that are embodied in our debut.”

The debut record All You Want To will be released on 18 August with the first single, “I’m Absolute”, will be available from 30 June.


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