Yorblind – new album details

Yorblind - ReflexionsStraight from the press release as it’s almost 1am and I’m knackered

Blind… But Alive, Yorblind’s third album, will be released on June under Great Dane Records / Season of Mist.

The opus was fully produced by Edgard Chevalier at the Lower Tones Place Studio.

This third opus was recorded by :

  • L. Chuck D. (Carnal Lust, ex No Return) : vocals
  • Mike : lead and rythm guitars
  • Djiss : bass
  • Thew : drums
  • Jipi : rythm guitars

Furthermore, many guests…

  • Raf Pener (T.A.N.K.) : vocals
  • Cyd Chassagne (Magoa) : vocals
  • Julien Da Silva (Lokurah) : vocals
  • Krys Denhez (MUR, Nerv) : vocals
  • Mathieu Pascal (Gorod) : lead guitars
  • Antoine Marais (solo artist) : lead guitars

… exhort you to live an unheard experiment listening to each of these new titles.

The first two albums of the band, “Melancholy Souls” and “Reflexions”, are always available at season-of-mist.com.



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