Týr bag three Faroese Music Awards

tyr-photo-2013Týr has been honoured in their homeland with three awards at this year’s Faroese Music Awards festivities. The band won in the categories:

  • Band of the Year 2013
  • Album of the Year 2013
  • Album cover of the Year 2013

There’s also a national news broadcast where KVF TV mentions Týr as one of the two big winners at these year’s awards. The video is here and the mention is around the 16:50 mark. SO brush up on your Faroese!

In other news, Týr’s latest video, “The Lay of Our Love,” is currently number 5 on the Chart Base Top 100 in Denmark! Voting for the video for the week continues through to Sunday, so check out the chart and vote! The song features a vocal duet with Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine. So, naturally, fans will be excited to see that Kristine joins Heri Joensen and the rest of Týr in the video! The video was produced by Stanimir Lukic, directed by Ivan Colic, and can be seen below.


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