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...tot aus dem Wald - Hatecore-Noir…tot aus dem Wald – or Falk Hummel as he’s probably better known to his friends – was an early “New Band of the Day” here, way back in June last year. The music has a style of its own. Very dark, quite a mash of sounds and what could be called “an acquired taste”.

Well, Falk has finished his album Hatecore Noir and it’s now available on bandcamp for “name your own price” download. He describes it as a “romantic comedy soundtrack for lovers or family meetings on christian picknick weekends”. I leave you lot to judge. From my own perspective, it’s a mad piece of extreme metal mixed with noir sound samples, but definitely more polished compared to his earlier material.

As I said, Falk’s a one-man-band and produces music that he likes because he enjoys doing it. If you happen to enjoy his output, throw a few Euros into his virtual busker’s hat and enjoy the “D.I.Y. onemanselfdestructioncore from misanthropic Germany.”

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