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Patria - IndividualismHailing from Brazil, Patria is one of the most imminent black metal bands in South America today. They have 4 releases behind them, and will release Individualism via Indie Recordings on the 24th of April in the UK.

This is what Øysten of Borknagard has to say about he upcoming release: “The most interesting and convincing traditional black metal album I have heard in years! Highly recommendable!”

Track listing for Individualism:

  1. Individualism
  2. Blood Storm Prophecy
  3. Uncrowned God of Light
  4. Outrage
  5. Orphan of Emptiness
  6. Far Beyond The Scorn
  7. Catharsis
  8. Epiphany
  9. Your Rotten Heart Dies Now
  10. God’s Entombment
  11. Requiem For The Ego

The first single “Blood Storm Prophecy” was released today! It is available on all digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify and WiMP. Watch the video below.

“Patria represents conservationism of Black Metal in its purest form: no bullshit, no fancy-pansy antics; just pure, raw Black Metal in the vein of the primitive early 90s. Like it or not, that is what it is.” Ivar of Enslaved

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April 27, 2014 6:26 PM

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