Shattered Skies updates

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A few bits of news for fans of the London-based, but still nice and Irish, melodic groove-metallers.

First up, they’ll be headlining the Bloodstock Open Air Club Night at the Intrepid Fox in London town. That’s with …aAnd? and Affluenza on February 15th.

They’ll also be playing at the Hard Rock Hell Prog Festival ( on March 21st.

Finally, the band have released a couple of play-through videos for those of you trying to work out the widdly bits in two of their songs. Clicky clicky for Ian Rockett showcasing his Strandberg Boden8 endorsement with a guitar play-through of “Chasing After Time” from the Reanimation EP. If bass is more your thing, then Shattered Skies’ new bass player Jim Hughes, performs “15 Minutes”, the second track out of the upcoming debut album The World We Used To Know.

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