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Bowling For Soup – they’re at it again!

Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

Having had great success crowd-funding their last album, Lunch. Drunk. Love., Bowling For Soup have launched a second campaign. This time it’s to fund a “best of” album.

But wait. Why fund an album full of re-released material? It’s just old recordings plugged together to make a bit of cash, right?


Well. Kinda. But not.

See, when BFS left their first label many years ago, said label released a “Best of” compilation a few weeks later. And didn’t tell the band. If I recall correctly, Island did this to Anthrax as well. BFS therefore had no say over the tracks, artwork or anything.

With their 20th anniversary approaching, they want to get something out there and so the idea of doing their own “Best of” appealed. But rather than just sticking tapes together (or the mp3 equivalent), they’re going to re-record the tracks. No changes to the lyrics, no extra instruments – the same songs, just re-recorded by a more experienced band. I have a feeling this may also be a copyright thing, too, as Def Leppard did to be able to release Hysteria without giving a huge chunk of the takings to their old label.

Either way, new album, new crowd funding initiative, new gifts and so on for donating. 5% of the proceeds will go to Sweet Relief, which helps struggling musicians, and despite only just being announced, it’s 25% of the way to its goal already.

So if you fancy a copy of Songs People Actually Liked Vol. 1 for $10 (download) or $15 (CD), plus a bevy of other goodies for more cash, get over to their PledgeMusic page!

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