Ravenface “taking a break”

Divided Kingdom cover. You should own this.
Divided Kingdom cover. You should own this.

Gutted now that I didn’t get to see them the other week when they played in Glasgow. Their album Divided Kingdom is on constant play in my car. Hopefully they’ll get the other projects on-line and get back together again soon!

From their facebook page:

Important Announcement:

After 6 years of making music together, we’ve collectively decided to go on hiatus.
We’re not breaking up, however we all feel that some time apart to work on new projects and different music would be exactly what we need to come back and view Ravenface with a fresh approach.

Your support has always been truly amazing, and to have music that was made and recorded totally by ourselves heard by thousands of people around the world is an incredible feeling.
You’ve given us chance to tour and play along side huge bands at big festivals and because of you we’ve been able to do things most people will never have chance to do.

For any of you who think that this is it for us and that you won’t hear from us again, you are mistaken. Each and every one of us love this industry and this is by no means the end.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled regarding new projects and announcements, and once again, a massive thank you to you all.

– RF
James, Jack, Billy, Joshua, Theo.

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