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Progstravaganza XV
Progstravaganza XV

Well, it’s supposed to be a day for giving…

Do note that one or two of these may be “free or make a donation”. If you can stump up a few pounds, dollars or whatever then please do so. A lot of the bands covered here are unsigned so anything they can get back to help fund more recordings will be money well spent!

First up Progstravaganza XV: Ascension is a 33-song prog rock/metal compilation album. Given the length of prog tracks, this one’s well worth nabbing if you’re into the atmospheric widdly stuff. At a rough guess I’d say there’s 2 hours of stuff here from acts including Shineback, Vermillion, Delta and Time Grid.

The Last Man On Earth
The Last Man On Earth

The download method is via this page on bandcamp and you can find out more about the series at the official web site.

Secondly, Morgue Orgy (a previous New Band of the Day) have their newest release up for grabs today before its official release on January 13th. Get your copy of the The Last Man on Earth via their official web site. It’s on the front page and I think is today only!

Now That's What I Call Music 666
Now That’s What I Call Music 666

Lastly, another previous NBotD Sa-da-kO release an EP full of cover with the wonderful title Now That’s What I Call Music 666. This one’s free and again can be downloaded via their official web site. Go grab!

[UPDATE: this last one actually costs £0.01. That’s one penny (UK). I think this is something to do with their store software not allowing zero-cost transactions]

[FURTHER UPDATE – get it from their bandcamp page! Works better and for free!]

If anything else pops up on the radar I’ll try to add it to the page today, but time will mainly be taken up with kids trashing their new toys…

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