Underwell back in the studio


One year after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Plan Your Rebirth, Underwell are back in studio to record the new platter which will be titled The Chant Of Husks. The sophomore release is being produced by Wahoomi Corvi at Realsound studio in Parma and is scheduled to be unleased via Wormholedeath during 2014.

The tracklist is as follows:

  • Charging Darkness
  • Path of fire
  • Chant of husks
  • Deformation of the social scale
  • Chipotle
  • Easy escape
  • The arsonist
  • Shotgun diplomacy
  • Dark times
  • Long lost photograph

The band stated: “The new album is the logical evolution of Plan your Rebirth. As
we grew up , our sound and the subjects we treat with our music, followed the same
process. The concept of the rebrith was recovered and analyzed through a more
personal point of view. The sound is a mix of flashbacks from the 70s, really sick
dissonances and greater care in the arrangements. The production, the recordings
and the mixing were entrusted to the expert hands of Cristian and Wahoomi from
Realsound Studio. We were always great fans of their work and we are really
psyched to work with them. Clearly the decision to continue working with
WormHoleDeath was an obvious choice. They were always behind our back, always
working for the best of the band and we are really greatful for that.”

Worm stated: “Underwell is a band wich I really feel part of. These guys are my
friends and I respect them so much as human beings and musicians. When I visited
them in studio yesterday I felt so proud to have them in our roster since the new
album is such a masterpiece. The songs are powerful and Daniel, the new singer, is
doing such a great job with the vocal parts… He’s giving Underwell new strength and
power! Imagine something like lamb of god meeting suicide silence with european
sound and melodic refrains melted into psychedelic influences. Something absolutely
amazing and fresh!! Underwell will get what they deserve with this new record and I’ll do everything possible to support their project. Follow them you will not regret this choice!”


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