Satan’s Wrath debut new song

Satan's Wrath - Aeon sOf Satans Reign
Satan’s Wrath – Aeons Of Satan’s Reign

This lot are on my shortlist for “New Band of the Day”, but that shortlist is bloody long at the moment. I’d not want you to miss out on the album (Aeons of Satan’s Reign), or news of this new track so I’m squeezing them in here and may well backtrack in future so give them a bit more coverage.

The album’s superb, definitely worth a trip to Amazon or an actual reputable company (sorry, having issues with the pricks at the moment) where you can listen to a preview of it. Quality satanic death metal.

In celebration of the album’s release, Satan’s Wrath have partnered with to debut a brand new song, “Satan’s Blood, Lucifer’s Fire”. To stream the song, head to Pitchfork’s review page.

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