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Noctum - Final Sacrifice
Noctum – Final Sacrifice

The buzz continues to build as Swedish Metallers Noctum are now exactly two weeks away from releasing their sophomore album and Metal Blade Records debut Final Sacrifice on October 28th. Final Sacrifice is available for pre-order at Metal Blade’s web site. The album is available as a standard CD as well as in an exclusive bundle package with a limited edition t-shirt.

As the release draws nearer Noctum is streaming another song from Final Sacrifice. The song entitled Resurrected in Evil is available for streaming exclusively on Noisecreep.

Bassist Tobias Rosén spoke about “Resurrected in Evil“In my opinion “Resurrected in Evil shows what Noctum are all about. It’s a song that really puts all our elements together while describing us as a band and is a perfect example of how Noctum sounds in 2013.”

Final Sacrifice is a fictional horror story where each song communicates a portion of the overall narrative. The “final sacrifice” is like a red thread that ties the songs together and is the concept behind the art. Final Sacrifice is an analog piece of art in both audio and visual aspects. The artwork and track listing have been revealed. The cover art was painted by Timo Ketola (Sunn o))), Arktau Eos) and fits perfectly with the album’s raw, natural sound.

Noctum spent the majority of 2012 refining their sound and writing new songs. Their search for original and interesting material led them to a heavier and darker sound. The progression came very naturally for the band and differs from the typical 70’s vibe. The new material successfully evokes a heaviness and emotion one might not expect from a “retro” sounding band.

Final Sacrifice Track Listing:
1. Conflagration
2. Liberty in Death
3. Resurrected in Evil
4. Deadly Connection
5. Void of Emptiness
6. The Revisit
7. A Burning Will
8. Temple of the Living Dead
9. Azoth

Noctum Lineup:
David Indelöf – Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Johansson – Guitar
Tobias Rosén – Bass
Fredrik Jansson ˆ Drums

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