Ed Box – new album out soon

Edward Box - Motion Control
Edward Box – Motion Control

Forever known to me as “that guy what was in XLR8R with those other guys”, guitarist supremo Edward Box has a new album out. Motion Control is due for release on November 24th and will be available as a download and as a physical release.

Below is a video preview of two of the tracks (“Reverse the Polarity” and “Reflections”) to give you an idea of what it sounds like. Essentially, it’s his two previous albums – 2002’s Plectrumhead and 2005’s Moonfudge – packaged together at a great price and with a complete overhaul. For example, the two tracks in the video have had the guitar tracks completely re-recorded.

There are 21 tracks on this monster so it’s going to be good value for money! I’m not sure of the digital release pricing, but Ed himself is selling physical copies of the album for £6.95 – you can get his contact details via www.edwardbox.com. Just send him the cash via PayPal (mark it as a gift!) and he’ll ship it worldwide. It’s a proper CD with inlay etc., and not a collection of MP3s stuffed onto a disc!

To purchase the digital download, keep tabs on Lion Music’s page which has links to all the places it will be available as of the 24th.

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