Gandalf’s Fist – new release

Available now!
Available now!

I have to start this post with a quick apology to the guys in Gandalf’s Fist (New Band of the Day some time back). They sent me a pre-release copy of their new album a couple of weeks ago and I genuinely intended to get something up well clear of the release date. Instead, due to so much other stuff on my plate, I’m only uploading it a couple of days after release.

So – sorry, guys. Please keep the leash on the Balrog, and I won’t let such tardiness strike again or you can turn me into an Ent.

Anyway, the important bit… Gandalf’s Fist have a new album available as of now. It’s typical of their blend of folk/prog/rock, but steps away from the hills and glens of Middle Earth and into somewhat darker places. As in space.

Yup, Gandalf’s Fist are going where no man has gone before (I’m “Original Series”, bitches) and taking prog on a universal trip – specifically A Day In The Life of a Universal Wanderer.

There are eleven tracks of star-spangled proggie goodness on there, and you can listen to a few samples on their official page. If you’re into folk/prog then they are well worth checking out. Personal highlight is the one which refers directly to Blade Runner

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July 15, 2014 12:40 PM

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