Thursday, October 29, 2020
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Obituary Kickstarting for new album

Kickstarting the dead

Kickstarting the dead

And another major artist heads to Kickstarter to raise funding for a new album. This time it’s Floridian legends Obituary. [full details of the Kickstarter are at the end of this link]

Four years since their last album, it’s time for another dose of death. The band already have a studio set up in their home town and just need to raise the money to pay the engineers and technicians. As such, their target is a surprisingly low $10,000. Anything above that unlocks some stretch bonuses which they’re revealing as time goes on.

First of these is a four-part video of the recording process which will be unlocked and delivered to all sponsors if they get past $20,000.

Either way, you can get some cracking Obituary collectibles for your donation. $1 upwards can net you a PDF with lyrics, artwork and stuff on. Hey, not bad for 70p. $10 gets you an early digital download of the album and a chance to put a 666-character message on the PDF itself.

And on it goes. The more you give them, the better the goodies. If you’ve got $5000 and can get to Florida, you can spend a day with the band in the studio!

A new Obituary album is always something to look forward to and I’ll definitely be watching for this one!

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