UK bands – check out Metal Family!

Metal Family
Metal Family

I’ve probably mentioned this site before, but I can’t recommend it highly enough to UK bands (for the moment – once it gets going, the idea is to spread out to cover Europe then conquer the world!).

Metal Family is a great way far bands to communicate with their fans and to garner new ones. Like some other sites, it allows communication back and forth between bands and fans. You can upload your gigs, videos, tunes, links to other resources, bio, pics…

One key thing is its ability to help new fans find you. Perhaps by genre or where you’re playing next. The gig guide uploading section has recently been updated and is working really well. You can upload your flyers, dates and so forth nice and easily.

The site is free for bands to join up to. For Joe Q. Public it’s free for 3 months then £12 a year after that. Spam free and the idea is that it will self-finance with a non-profit ethos. It’s all about getting your bands music out there / helping you find new music that you want to rock to.

Facebook’s fine and all for fans who already know about you. It’s no use if someone doesn’t already know your name, though.

Try it – it costs nowt in the first instance, and the more stuff you put up, the better the results will be!

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