Shining – the story behind the artwork for One One One

One One One artwork
One One One artwork

To tide you over until I finish typing up this interview from last Friday (sorry, people – it’s been a very busy week):

Shining release the new album One One One on June 4th in the UK on Indie Recordings.

One One One will be available as a digipack containing a 20 page booklet filled with lyrics and artwork designed by famous designer duo Trine+Kim (Enslaved, Solefald, Mayhem, Darkthrone).

Shining front man and saxophone superman, Jørgen Munkeby, comments on the process and thoughts behind the cover art:

“We wanted to continue the visual aesthetics we developed with Blackjazz and Live Blackjazz, but at the same time give it a fresh twist. It felt natural to continue our collaboration with Trine + Kim Design Studio, who helped develop the visual aesthetics for Blackjazz back in 2009.

I’ve also been a long time fan of brave and uncompromising choices, both in music and in design, and felt that this time we would like to make a stripped down artwork that would also stand out from the rest. Blackjazz was black, Live Blackjazz was white, and we wanted to find another strong colour to embody this new album. Seeing how the colour red looked great screen, but didn’t have the same punch and glow when printed on paper, we decided to base our new artwork on the super aggressive fluorescent Pantone colour PMS 804. I chose this colour because I felt it was the most aggressive and energetic colour I could find. It also makes for a very strong contrast to the hard edges of our black logo and vector graphics. All in all I think the mix of our stripped down futuristic graphics and the PMS 804 colour gives this release a contemporary vibe that echoes modern design and fashion.

Since computer screens use light to make colours, the glowing fluorescent color matches well with our orange screen colour of choice, #ff7700, and this let us bridge the realm of digital artwork with the world of printed products. Finally we made sure that all press photos had a background of matching colour, to give the era of Shining’s One One One a new, fresh and cohesive visual look.

I’m really proud of the artwork of One One One, and very happy that we managed to withstand the natural urge to fill it with a bunch of messy small details, and instead keep it clean and powerful. It stands out among other covers, it represents the elegance, strength and uncompromising attitude our music has.”

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