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Slayer Oz (back)
Slayer Oz (back) (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

With being at work all day I’ve not been in a position to pop loads onto the facebook page, especially seeing as it’s a pain in the knackers to share content from my personal page when I want it to appear properly. So, here’s a quick update on a couple of the main stories.

Slayer “sack” Dave Lombardo. Maybe.

According to a statement from Lombardo, he has been “relieved of duties” as Slayer’s tub-thumper on their upcoming Australia tour for voicing concerns about the way the band were being paid.

The replacement was “announced” by him in response to a fan asking him about it on Twitter – Jon Dette will be standing in.

With Jeff Hanneman also out for an undetermined amount of time for medical reasons, that’s the band down to three mainstays and two part-timers for the short term.

Skid Row new EP details

Like them, prefer Seb, wish for a reunion… there’s always some muck flying about Skid Row and it seems the current muddy tirade brings glad tidings in the form of a new album. Their last album, Revelotions Per Minute, seemed to gather somewhat unfavourable reviews, but early listens to “Kings of Demolition” from the new platter United World Rebellion – Chapter One sound very promising (you can have a listen on Blabbermouth).

The first of three EPs, with a release schedule of approximately one every six months, will be out on April 16th in the US.

A world tour will be kicking off around the same time, starting in the UK.

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May 31, 2013 12:41 AM

[…] story obviously follows on from February’s “sacking” of Lombardo which seems to have been more definite than we thought at the […]