Tuesday, November 24, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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And in music today…

The "devil's horns" symbol that Dio ...


A few things music-y popped up today so I thought I’d bang a post up rather than just raving about them on Twitter.


As well as being overjoyed at getting a ticket to see them at Glasgow Barrowlands in November, I’m well impressed with the title track they’ve started streaming from the new album (World Painted Blood). It’s available from their MySpace page so you’ll have to put up with formatting that looks like it was dreamed up by a 6 year old with spatial awareness issues, but it’s worth it.

Much as I adored the ball-out utter thrashing heavyness of God Hates Us All, I was underwhelmed by Christ Illusion, it seeming like just more of the same. This new title track shows a lot more variety and a touch of the cleaner sound harking back to the likes of South of Heaven. If the rest of the album holds up then I’m very excited indeed.


One album I’m no longer waiting for is Hatebreed’s Hatebreed, their fifth album. It’s superb, and the first real change in tone I’ve heard from them in their history. Not quite as in-your-face heavy as… well, everything else they’ve ever released. There’s even an instrumental on it.

This will be on repeat play in the car along with…


Got ahold of the new Mustaine & Co album Endgame last week and that’s been looped to death already. Definitely their best release in a long time, though I still think The System Has Failed was pretty good.

And finally… a 4 year old on the drums

Yeah, this is rather cool. I can’t include the video as they’ve disabled embedding, but head over to YouTube and check out this immensely talented kid. The prime video to check is the one of him drumming to Harvester of Sorrow (check out around 5:20 for some real skill), though he’s got loads more on his YouTube channel.

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