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Maiden: Best British Live Act

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

I know I’m late mentioning this but I only just found out. After begging you to vote for them a few weeks back, it turns out that Iron Maiden were runaway winners of this years Brits award as Best British Live Act.

Their acceptance video is below, and I’ve pinched the following text from Metal Hammer. I couldn’t put it better – why they deserved to win.

  1. The award was for Best British Live Act. They ARE the best British live act.
  2. Twickenham. Moonchild was enough to make the toughest headcase blub into his pint.
  3. The Brits committee are paid to represent the best of British music and that’s truer of ‘Maiden than it is of anyone operating in British music. Shame it took them 34 years to realise it before finally nominating them, eh?
  4. Churchill’s Speech. Churchill’s fucking speech! If you don’t get chills from it, you’re not human. There’s not a better live intro tape going.
  5. Bruce Dickinson’s energy. I’m a 25 year old who goes to the gym regularly and he knackers me out just watching him. Hats off!
  6. The ‘Harris guitar/machine gun with foot on the monitor’ routine. If you’re a bass player, you’ll have done this at least at one point in your life. if you’re not a bass player, you’ll have done air-guitar like it countless times.
  7. The ‘Somewhere In Time’ tour. Unbelievable scenes. Woah, Leslie. Aye Carumba. Holy shitballs. Shall we keep going or have you got the hint?
  8. Eddie. Imagine a big, evil looking zombie c*nt popping out behind Chris pissing Martin? Didn’t think so.
  9. Iron Maiden are as relevant in 2009 as they’ve ever been. To be in your fourth decade as a band and to achieve that is something that cannot measured.
  10. Because the finest metal act and one of the greatest bands that the world has ever seen should be recognised in their own bloody country. the rest of the world have got it for long enough, it’s about time the crusty fuckers that dish out mainstream awards realised this.
  11. Because they’re Iron fucking Maiden.

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