Taylor Swift has proven once again to be the queen of pop music amidst her Eras Tour, as the 33-year-old American songwriter and singer successfully sold 1 out of every 15 albums sold by Vinyl throughout last week and this week, placing her at the No.1 spot of the top-selling artist in 2023, USA.

This is not the only record that Taylor Swift has broken ever since 2023 began. She’s also in the No.1 spot on the Forbes list of top-earning artists by tour ranking, 2023. It’s clear that the year, 2023, was made for her, and she, being a businesswoman and one who is relentless, has seized the opportunity and used it perfectly well as we can see.

On the 9th of November, the same day the second leg of the Eras Tour began in South America, Billboard reported that Swift sold precisely 2.484 million copies of her album since November 2nd equating to exactly 6.43% of the total albums sold by Vinyl this year that is 38.585 million copies altogether.

The majority of the copies sold are Taylor’s version of “1989.” It became clear that Swifties all over the world would never get over the songs recorded in the Album after their reaction when she performed some of them in the 1st leg of the Eras Tour.

Speaking of which, with the second leg of the tour already on track, Taylor Swift might make some on-the-road decisions and perform more songs from the album to connect deeper with her fans. You can get Eras Tour Tickets from a reliable marketplace and catch up with the concerts.

Taylor Swift’s Success –Natural or Supernatural?

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists that we’ve seen for years now and so many people can’t help but wonder “How is it that she is so successful even after so many years of being in the spotlight?”

Because we have seen so many artists come into the light, and then fade even at the prime of their career because they couldn’t deal with the fame. But the story is completely different for Taylor Swift since we’ve only heard of one success story, to another.

Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album’s success can be traced back to 2019 when Taylor openly discussed her disappointment in the fact that she would be losing the rights to most of her albums which included “1989,” among 5 others that were her first release because her former label that was Big Machine was sold for $300 million to Scooter Braun’s Company.

A deal that many would’ve naturally nodded “yes” to certainly made Taylor Swift realize how much she would lose.

But, you know that saying about getting to discover your real friends only when you’re in trouble? Well, that’s what played out for Taylor Swift because, after her open disappointment with the new ownership of her albums, Taylor Swift found a friend in Kelly Clarkson.

An American Singer and songwriter who at that time used X, formerly known as Twitter to advise Taylor Swift to re-record all her masters and rebrand them and also add some incentives so that Swifties would stop purchasing the old version to purchase the new version.

Weeks later, Taylor Swift announced her decision to re-record 6 of her albums so that she would own the rights to her masters. An act that has now increased the popularity of the “Wildest Dreams” singer.

Taylor Swift has worked hand in hand with Kelly Clarkson’s advice and we can tell because one of the major reasons why she is topping the list of most-sold albums this year is because she made her catalog available in different versions and collectible variants.

As it is, Taylor Swift occupies 5 spots on Vinyl making her the biggest-selling artist with “1989” marking 693,000 copies sold in the first week of release, “Speak Now,” “Midnights” and “Folklore” placed at No.2, 3 and No.5 respectively with 406,000… 367, 000 and 201,000 copies sold and lastly, “Lover” placed at No.9 with over 151,000 copies sold.

Taylor Swift might be popular and recognized as a famous artist, but she heeds well a piece of advice and that is one thing that has helped her through her career.

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff’s Relationship

Taylor Swift never stops carrying everyone who has contributed to her growth, along. Recently, the Eras Tourist posted a picture of her and Jack Antonoff, her go-to producer, on Instagram and the caption clearly expressed how much Taylor Swift cherishes her relationship with the 39-year-old American singer and songwriter.

Jack and Taylor go a long way back and it’s great seeing the two still being friends to date. The duo’s first project dates back to 2014 which resulted in the “1989” album which Taylor lost masters to after the purchase of her former record label.

Taylor and Jack have also performed together on stage during the first leg of the Eras Tour. The two friends performed “getaway car” which was released back in 2018 and is certified Platinum in Australia and Certified Gold in the United Kingdom.

Now that Taylor has re-recorded the “1989” album, the two friends can finally relax and enjoy the beautiful art they created together.

Brittany Mahomes and Sophie Turner are Now Friends Because of Taylor Swift

Amidst her tour in Latin America, Taylor Swift’s friends Brittany Mahomes and newly divorced Sophie Turner have also made headlines, and the reason for that is connected to their first official meeting back on 24th September.

It turns out that Taylor has connected with more than one person from the Kansas City Chiefs football team after Brittany, the wife of Travis Kelce’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes has reportedly been officially added to her friend’s “Squad.”

The confirmation comes after the “Squad” reportedly had dinner together with Brittany and then watched the Chiefs game, back in October. The bond between members of Taylor Swift’s friends “Squad” is strong to the extent that Brittany Mahomes is already taking the role of a matchmaker for Sophie Turner.

Brittany says she knew Sophie was single when she attended the Chiefs game alongside Taylor Swift and a whole pack of celebrities and so, she is willing to hook her up with one of her husband’s friends since there are plenty of those who are single and ready to mingle.

Yahoo reports that Brittany also thinks Sophie is beautiful like a “doll” and would love to connect her to someone. Adding that perhaps the reason why Sophie attended the Chiefs game in the first place was to find a lover.

Sophie Turner is one of Taylor Swift’s closest friends and the two have a history of dating the same man, Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers. The same man who the world knows as the one who broke up with Taylor over a 27-second phone call.

Even though Joe has come out to deny being the one who ended the relationship, the world seems to be on Taylor Swift’s side with this one.

Brittany on the other hand seems to be having the best time of her life with her newly found celebrity friends. She says she loves how natural Taylor Swift’s friends are, noting that Selena, Gigi, and Sophie are all fun to be with.

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