Is it possible to use CBD for losing weight?

Many people think that losing extra pounds is a serious problem and that’s the reason why in the newspaper we always find lots of guides to getting back in shape, diets of all kinds that promise to make us slim in a short time. But we know very well, and nutrition specialists always remind us, that the only way to lose weight is to lead a healthy lifestyle, marked by a balanced diet and recurring physical activity, on track with what you do and your age. These practices should also be complemented by good daily habits, such as regular sleep and proper hydration – you should drink about 2 liters of water a day.

However, it is important to remember that if you need to follow a weight-loss diet, there is no “one size fits all” strategy and that everyone should follow a personalized eating plan, as specified by a nutritionist, that considers personal needs and health conditions and diseases.

However, there are numerous natural methods that can prove to be a valuable support, and specifically, according to some scientific studies (still in progress), it can be very useful to use CBD to lose weight; let’s find out how.

CBD and its properties

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the main phytoconstituent of cannabis, whose therapeutic virtues have been highly appreciated in recent years. It is a totally harmless substance, which does not cause addiction or euphoria – unlike THC, another active ingredient within the plant having psychoactive power – but is indeed an effective painkiller, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and natural sedative, which can positively modulate our mood and immune system.

To all these peculiarities, it seems that we can also add its ability to boost weight loss dietary regimens. But how is it possible? Thanks to the ability of CBD to interact with our nervous system and stimulate the receptors that regulate the sense of hunger.

Keeping fit with CBD

CBD interacts with receptors in the nervous system by making contact with the endocannabinoid system, a biological communication framework that deals with homeostasis, that is physiological functions regulating – such as pain, sleep, fatigue, and of course hunger. If homeostasis is compromised, various disorders related to the aforementioned functions may occur. In such cases it can therefore prove very useful to take CBD, which works to restore balance and share its benefits with our bodies.

Regarding CBD’s potential for weight loss, it should be stressed that it does not provide a direct effect, but thanks to its impact on our nervous system, it can trigger a chain reaction that can help us in this regard.

Cannabidiol products have the potential to:

  • help synthesize body fat;
  • speed up metabolism and help burn calories;
  • control hunger that sometimes triggers overeating and eating things off meals;
  • reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and thus reduce nervous hunger;
  • relieve inflammation that generates near body fat.

CBD also helps us to sleep better and to solve insomnia problems; indeed, it is scientifically proven that the lack of a regular routine in rest negatively affects our health and weight, as it is related to the occurrence of overweight and obesity.

The right products to stay in shape

If you wish to use CBD to lose weight, you can find many products in a CBD Shop. First of all, you can buy foods and snacks made from hemp flour to keep hunger under control, because although they are low-calorie they are both high in nutrients, fibers and proteins, so they are perfect for helping us not nibble throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can choose capsules, which are very handy because each one has a precise amount of CBD and can be conveniently and precisely included in your daily routine.

Finally, the most beloved and recommended product for a dietary regimen is certainly CBD oil, to be ingested pure, with a few drops under the tongue, or in addition to foods and drinks that mask the bitter aftertaste.

It should be emphasized that although there are no universal dogmas for dosing, it would be the case to start treatment with a low CBD oil and a starting dose to be increased over time if the body responds well. In any case, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a nutritionist before taking CBD.

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