TikTok Video Pining, An Ideal Feature For Music Promotion

Though new on the social media scene, TikTok is one of the most used platforms. It caught the attention of the audience during the pandemic in 2020. Fortunately, the short-video app has become more popular, with more users joining the platform worldwide. It is not only for teens but users of various ages.

Artists, celebrities, publishers, household brands, and influencers are on TikTok. The platform is ideal for promoting your brand. And if you are an artist, TikTok gives you a vibrant platform to promote your music. Musicians can benefit a lot from this social media platform. It helps emerging artists showcase their music and allows them to build a fan base.

An opportunity for musicians to promote their music

TikTok allows users to choose music tracks from among the millions in its library. They can use them as soundtracks for their creation. If you are lucky, a video using your song can go viral and make your music popular. Besides, your track may be used for a dance challenge. Whichever purpose it is used for, you will earn from the music.

You may be wondering how your music will get noticed among millions of tracks on the feed. Follow other musicians on the platform when you sign up. Learn from the successful artists on the platform. Also, use your music to make your videos. You never know users who will love your songs and use them for their videos.

TikTok video pin feature 

Users of the platform use hashtags to increase the visibility of their posted videos. Most of the hashtags indicate the trends on the app. It appears the users will have another opportunity to promote their videos. It was rumored that TikTok added the pin feature to enable users to tag their videos on their profiles.

Recently, they started to test the feature which allows users to tag at most three videos. The pinned videos appear on the right side at the top of a user’s profile. The tagged videos are positioned in such a manner that they will be the first thing your profile visitors will see on your profile display.

TikTok users can fill the pin post slots with any content of their choice. It is a perfect opportunity for musicians to promote their music, especially new releases. As an artist, you can choose posts that relate to the songs you want to promote and pin them. You can also pin a video to let your fans know more about you.

Fans and other users will see the pinned videos once they visit your profile. The new feature gives you more control over the display of your content. You can use it to put the spotlight on your latest song or creations. With the pin option, artists can maximize engagement, build an audience, and promote their works.

The pinned post function is not a new feature in other social media platforms like Twitter. The users of the bird app pin their most engaging, vital, or popular tweets. TikTok is fast growing as a platform for the discovery of new music. At this rate, it will soon catch up with YouTube in this regard.

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