How to find a parking spot at any venue

With the ever increasing number of cars in the UK, parking spaces are dramatically becoming scarce. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that during the pandemic, more people are ditching public transport and opting to use their private vehicles, wherever possible. Due to these circumstances, several problems are arising.

Problems due to parking scarcity

With parking spaces becoming increasingly difficult to find, motorists are forced to spend a lot more time on the road searching for a vacant parking space. This increases vehicular congestion on the road, which leads to disruptive levels of noise pollution in certain areas. As a result, the daily commute becomes an inconvenience for both motorists and pedestrians.

Many motorists become burnt out and frustrated when they have to spend excessive amounts of time searching for a suitable parking space. This idle driving also leads to more carbon emissions and thus affects the climate negatively. Parking scarcity, therefore, is a problem that affects the entire community.  Fortunately, there are ways to overcome it.

How to find parking spots

There are various strategies you can use to find the best parking spaces at any venue:

a) Leave early

This is the most effective way to find the perfect parking space. It is always better to reach any venue, whether it be your office,  shopping centre or concert venue well before time so there is little rush and you have plenty of time to find a vacant space. However, it is easier said than done. It is always not possible to do this, thankfully there are a number of equally effective alternative methods.

b) Use a parking space app

Nowadays, there are some excellent user-friendly parking apps available in the UK. For instance, Yourparkingspace allows you to book a pre-paid parking space for yourself, at a place which is convenient for you. You can book a parking space on an hourly, daily or even monthly basis. It’s easier on your pocket and makes your drive hassle-free as you don’t have to continuously think about where to park your car. It also helps keep your car safe from vandalism and theft.

Other apps can offer you discounts at entertainment events if you manage to find a space through them. Such offers make using a parking app a really effective and efficient option. Not to mention, some university campuses and municipal regions have their own parking apps. So before you set off on your journey, it is best to do some homework beforehand.

c) Choose a row

When you get to the car park at your destination, choose a specific row. Instead of driving around the car park looking for a spot, simply choose one row and wait for a space to open up. Waiting for a vacant parking space in a specific row stops you wasting precious fuel driving round the car park looking for a singular spot. This may seem like a bothersome task, but is really effective in saving time and fuel. Next time, give it a try!

d) Practice patience

If the parking lot is full because of a major event, it is advised that you sit in your car and wait for a parking space to open up. You may feel tempted to drive around or go to a different car park, but waiting at the location will typically save you time and energy. You can stop in the middle of a row of parking spaces that are regularly changing, and you’ll be the first if a space becomes available. Try to look for people who are walking back to their car. If they have car keys, keep a close eye on them until they get to their vehicle. When they leave, take their parking space.

e) Look for spaces at the back

Usually parking spaces that are nearest to the entrance of the venue are the most sought after and will be occupied first. Next time you go to a car park, look for a parking space a few parking rows away or even at the edge of the car park.

You might have to walk a little, but it will significantly decrease your parking hassles. Plus you will get some extra steps in your smartwatch towards your daily walking goals!

f) Consider the speed of exiting the car park

When you are leaving the venue, it is vital that you exit the car park as quickly as possible. For this purpose, try to avoid pedestrian crossings and pick up spots. Look for parking spaces that are closer to an exit, so that you can increase your efficiency when you need to leave the car park.

Following these simple strategies can make finding parking spaces more smooth and convenient for you.

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