How to earn more when gambling online

Gambling is always a risky business, but fun at the same time. Wagering on sports or online casino games, will see you take a leap of faith, trusting the gambling gods to help you win. Some days are good, some days are bad, this is how gambling works. You might wager €10 and make a profit of €40, or you might wager it and lose everything. You know when you wager money online on casino games or sports that you are taking a risk. Is the risk worth taking? And what can you do to earn more money?

As a matter of fact, there are many steps that you can take to earn more when gambling online. For starters, you should find online casino ratings which highlight all the features that make a casino site legit. Let’s have a quick look at what you should take into consideration:

Licensing – A good and established gambling site would enjoy reputable licenses such as MGA and UKGC. Sites that are governed by such licenses have quite the stringent laws and regulations to abide with; hence, you know you are in good hands. Responsible Gambling is a big thing nowadays, and you would want to play at sites that take it seriously. A good place to start is reading about online gambling licensing, and then you can choose your new favourite playground.,

Self-Discipline – Self-discipline is much needed when you play games online. After settling on a specific casino site, set your own personal limits. You can either do this via the site or just set a dedicated amount of money per month. Try your best to not go over your budget, as if you do that once, you will keep on doing it.

Slots RTP – The better the RTP (Return to Player), the better chances you have of winning. You can check the games’ and slots’ RTP via the game brief or description, or even check this via the game provider site.

Game Volatility – You can either opt for games with high volatility in the hopes of getting that big win that you crave. Alternatively, you can tempt your luck at low volatility slots and get many small wins at a more regular pace. You can check this via the casino game description also.

Choose top-rated providers – There are many games out there you can enjoy however, we suggest that you stick with the big names that you know. The best providers out there have a wide array of games with good RTP. So, check them out and use that knowledge wisely.

VPN software – If you cannot get access to good casino sites, you do not need to settle for the rogue ones. You can always use a VPN to access renowned online casinos. Settling though for a non-regulated casino site which sets its own rules, simply means that you are not in the right place.

Gamblers who didn’t act smart

There are many gamblers that have lost control or taken their playing too far.  Unfortunately in the world of play they are deemed as the biggest losers. Let us have a look at some who have earned that title following massive losses.

Stu Ungar

Stu Ungar was a pillar in the poker world. Throughout his poker tenure he won 20$ Million and also took home 5 WSOP bracelets. A Vegas fixture, Ungar fell victim to drinking and drugs that were both his downfall. Stu Ungar was great at playing poker, but lost most of his money on sports betting. Unfortunately he did not have enough sports knowledge to make money out of his bets. The money was there, the strategy was not. Although Ungar played at land-based casinos mostly, his story reminds us how to be vigilant and make sure to take calculated risks when wagering money online.

Jodie Nealey

Jodie Nealy had everything in life: the house, the career, the family and wealth. During one of her visits to Vegas attending a conference, Jodie made it to the casino slots, and the rest is the start of her demise. Nealey’s addictive stage began and returned home to Masasuchettes to become a local fixture at casinos. She stole money from her work to gamble, lost her job, her family and everything. Jodie’s story is one that alludes to a lack of self-discipline when dipping your toes in the world of gambling.

Michelle Singlehurst

If you look up the name Michelle Singlehurst online, you will find a quote that says: “I gambled away our house without my husband knowing.” This is how bad online gambling was to Singlehurst. She gambled away all her money, emptied her bank accounts and even sold her family home in the name of gambling. Things got so bad for Michelle that she attempted suicide, and this is where her family and friends decided to offer their help. Singlehurst is a story of many, and her lack of strategy and limits forced her to gambling addictions.

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