Five Classic Rock Tracks for a Gaming Playlist

Video games and rock music go together like hands and gloves. When you think about gamers spending hours in front of their computers, gaming consoles, or smartphones, you would imagine them rocking out to tunes from Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, or the Foo Fighters.

Even though every person has a unique taste in music, and our choices within a gaming playlist may not match up with yours, certain songs are “must listens” during a gaming session.

Below are five classic rock tracks you should consider adding to your ultimate gamers playlist. These tunes are sure to put you in the mood to shine during a video gaming or card gaming session.

Hotel California – The Eagles

Hotel California by The Eagles is the most significant track on the album of the same name, which the band put out in 1977. Not only is Hotel California still a chart-topper, but the song is the most famous creation of The Eagles in their history.

A song that details the “high life” in Los Angeles and other parts of California, Hotel California was an introduction to American culture and a way of life for so many people around the world. Fans and critics have speculated about the precise meaning behind its lyrics for decades.

Even though the song is not as upbeat as some other classic rock tunes, Hotel California is a great listen for while you are gaming. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is often voted as the best guitar solo in history by significant publications, and it can put you in the perfect mood during a gaming session.

Layla – Derek and the Dominoes

Another incredible song that came out in the 1970s, Layla was co-written by world-famous songwriters Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon. Derek and the Dominoes were the first band to record and release the song, with Jim Gordon’s girlfriend Rita Coolidge getting a writing credit for the piano verse within the tune.

Even though most people assume the basis of the song may have been an ex-girlfriend, the song is inspired by the Arabian tale, “The Story of Layla and Majnun,” written by a Persian poet in the 12th century.

If you are sitting through an intense gaming session, and you are hoping to unwind and relax, Layla is the perfect song to play. Not only will you become lost in the song’s melodies and lyrics, but you will forget any mishaps that may have occurred during your most recent gaming session.

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin

No playlist of the best classic rock songs for gaming is complete without Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. One of the iconic tracks of its era, the song came out in 1971 to critical and fan acclaim. Stairway to Heaven often finds its place near the top of most people’s best rock songs of all time.

A joint writing project of guitarist Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant, Stairway to Heaven took its place in the band’s fourth studio album. In many ways, Stairway to Heaven’s slower buildup makes for perfect listening during a gaming session.

Imagine playing an intense game of Madden, Call of Duty, or Counter-Strike, only for this song to pop up in your playlist. There is a slow, purposeful buildup that sets the mood for the next phases of the song.

By the time you reach the final section of the song, a hard rock arrangement, you are very much in the mood to win any game you might be playing.

Hey Jude – The Beatles

Hey Jude is a famous rock song from the British band, The Beatles. The song first came out in August 1968, with the writing credits belonging to Paul McCartney.

The song became a bona fide hit in most parts of the world, earning number one positions on the charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.

Hey Jude spent nine weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, which is a record that stood for the next nine years. The band’s label sold up to eight million copies of the song, while most fans and critics view it as one of the best rock tunes of all time.

We Will Rock You – Queen

No gaming playlist would be complete without “We Will Rock You,” an all-time classic tune from the British band Queen. The song has become a part of popular culture around the world, and you are unlikely to go very far without meeting someone who can sing along to the song on demand.

Written by Brian May and a part of Queen’s 1997 album – News of the World – We Will Rock You is one of the band’s most famous tunes. The song may only have a length of two minutes, which is very short for most rock music, but the lyrics are iconic enough to have stood the test of time.

When you are in the middle of a tense gaming session, such as playing Texas Hold’em or Fortnite, you need an edge over the competition. Listening to such inspiring songs is sure to get you in the mood to elevate your performance.

Discover New Tunes

By creating your ultimate video gaming playlist on a streaming service, you can discover other music as well.

Services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music allow you to easily create playlists, manage your favorite tracks, and find new songs.

Now you can sing along to your favorite classic rock tunes on a gaming playlist, and easily find new music if you are in the mood to listen to something different.

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