Will Arteta be the first manager to make it out of the English Premier League?

Arsenal was always an almost top of the league football team.  Dubbed The Gunners, the team from Arsenal, London always topped the charts of the English Premier League, until recently. The team won 14 FA Cups, 16 FA Community Shields, 13 Premier Leagues and 2 League Cups/  Arsenal was always a loved team, especially during the reign of Arsene Wenger.

As we fast forward to the times, football and also the league of today Arsenal are not doing a stellar display on the pitch.  Kicking off the season, Arsenal faced off Tottenham with the latter winning 0-1.  The next match saw Arsenal meet newly to the Premier League Brentford, for the newcomers to win 2-0. The next match saw Arsenal lose 2-0 to Chelsea, continuing on the losing streak.

But who is to blame?  Are the players protesting in some sort of way like Manchester United did to Jose Mourinho? Are there enough football stars to make sure that Arsenal find their golden years again?  Is this bad managerial skills for manager Arteta? Was the manager deploying good football tactics skills, enough to make Arsenal win?  Many times in football, before the team starts chucking out players like they were flies, normally the manager is looked up, and evidently gets the sack.  There is a huge track of names that have gotten the chop soon after their respective team was doing poorly: Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard, Ancelotti, David Moyes …and the list is endless. At the end of the day, it is always the manager that will get the chop if a football team secures 3-4 losses in a row.  It is just how the world of football works, and it is the same year after year, league after league.  Everywhere you go in the world, the manager will always get the chop when a football team is just not performing.

Coming back to Arsenal, and also the purpose of this article.  As we write this article, and as we also witness another loss by Arsenal, this time at the hands of Chelsea, UK bookmakers are already taking bets for Arteta being sacked by the end of the month.  Let us be frank here, the ex-player turned coaching staff is not getting the stamina, talent and the drive that Arsenal truly has. The team is composed of many great players like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Saka, yet the magic is not being translated on stage.  Unfortunately, bets and stakes are high showing that potentially Arteta will be the first football manager in the Premier League that will get the chop and fired.

Other coaches and football managers that are likely to get fired in the Premier League include Ralph Hassenhuttl  7/1, Patrick Viera 9/1, Stebe Bruce 12/1, Xisco Munoz 12/1, Bruno Lage 14/1, Dean Smith 14/1.   At the start of the season, Arteta would have a better position, however following the losses that came in one after another, it feels like fate has been sealed and Areta will get the chop. He moved from middle of the pack to being the one most highly to get sacked, and British bookmakers went crazy.  Almost all sportsbook sites have Arteta as the one being fired next, however there is still no official.

During last season,Arsenal managed to make it 7th in the league, finishing in the middle of the table.  This means that Arsenal did not have a chance to make it to the UEFA Champions League. A mediocre spot if you ask us. This is a far cry from the fierce Arsenal that once stood victorious over everyone.  This is not the place that Arsenal wants to be, and if they continue with the loss one game after another, there is no way that Arteta will keep his spot on the coaching team at Arsenal.

It looks like the clash with Chelsea this weekend, the much awaited London derby has sealed Arteta’s fate. Place your bets please!

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