An ultimate guide on types of MBA essays

Business schools have different criteria for selecting candidates and writing an essay just so happens to be one of them. The essay is said to hold 15 percent of your application hence it should be taken quite seriously.

But as is with all forms of essay writing, you are given the opportunity to express yourself and try to distinguish yourself from the flurry of other aspirants aiming for the same goal.

So that is exactly what you must do, you must try to stand out from the competition as this will give you the much required edge that you need over others, increasing your chances of success.

This may sound daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, it will be a much smoother ride. Of course you can buy a research paper to make things easier but you must not be totally dependent on it.

You should know that your essay will be pivotal in convincing the reader as to why you should be selected over the hundreds of others.

In this post we are  going to cover the various  types of MBA essays and provide an insightful guide on how to create a powerful essay. First we are going to begin with various types of MBA essays:

Leadership essay:

In this type of essay you are given the opportunity to showcase your leadership qualities, achievements and how you can make an impact. This is achieved by sharing a past experience, maybe from where you lead a team, the challenges you faced and the steps you took to overcoming those challenges. Make sure to demonstrate your leadership skills, how it highlights you as a person and how it can be helpful moving forward.

Goals essay:

Perhaps one of the most common types of essays out there, this essay aims to comprehend your purpose for attempting business school, your motivation and your plans for the future. In this case do well to carefully outline your answer aptly and avoid use of irrelevant points or words.

Contribution essay:

Although seemingly difficult, this essay inquires how you can impart value to your immediate surroundings, the school and the world at large. You could be asked how you are going to use what you will be taught to affect society.

Failure essay:

Here you are given the opportunity to discuss a failure in your life, it could be academic or personal, but the key to writing this type of essay is to not shy away from the truth or try to sugar-coat it. Be genuine and also be concise. Try to point out your fault and how you learned from that particular experience. What the reader is truly interested in is your honesty, accountability and ability to handle difficult situations.

Self reflection essay:

In this type of essay you get to talk about yourself, your personal interests outside of school and work, your hobbies and leisurely activities that you enjoy. Business also contains lots of social experience, there will be events on weekends, gatherings and your ability to network will be key.

You should know that while trying to be expository the above list is not absolute. It only aims to give insight and give the writer an idea of what to expect. If you still find it quite complex then you could go ahead and buy a research paper. Here are a few tips for those who decide to go ahead and write the essay themselves.

MBA essay writing tips

  • First and foremost familiarise yourself with essay writing
  • Respect the word count, do not go below or over the word count no matter what
  • Avoid plagiarism and clearly credit your sources
  • Put passion into your writing
  • Focus on the facts and make sure to convey your message clearly
  • Review your essay and get rid of typographical and grammatical errors

Once the above guidelines are followed then you can rest assured that you have delivered a truly sublime write-up capable of swaying the mind of the reader. With all these skills at your fingertips there will be pretty much no need to outsource the work or even buy a research paper. The most important thing is practice, practice as much as you can and soon essay writing will be easy as pie.

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April 14, 2021 3:17 PM

When I write my mba essay I strictly follow all the rules as a student who is interested to get an excellent grade for the productive work.

halcyonn jones
halcyonn jones
May 3, 2021 8:42 AM

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June 18, 2021 2:42 PM

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faul knernolan
faul knernolan
June 29, 2021 3:58 AM

thank you