The Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2020

The year 2020 pleased us with many great and long-awaited metal albums. Let’s recall what were the loudest comebacks and best 2020 releases. Here’s our list.

This year was a tough one for so many reasons. Though, as always, nothing is just black or white. Indeed, the year 2020 was a really good year for all the Metal fans. Many metal legends have released or planning to release their first albums in years. Not to mention a number of truly decent comebacks and debuts. Let’s see what were (and still are) the most anticipated metal albums of 2020.

Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man

February 21st was a significant day for the metal fans. This album has given us a lot. Ozzy Osbourne has approached this album with all the seriousness he’s got. As a result, the album ended up being one of the most ambitious Osbournes’ creations thus far. Let’s not forget what a difficult 2019 has been for Ozzy. Oh, don’t tell us in the comments, “write for me what the difficulties were!” We are not the gossip column, google this stuff on your own. All we can tell is that it seems the album was a relief for him. Being one of the most iconic and famous personalities in the metal scene, Ozzy has drawn more people, including a younger generation, with his Ordinary Man.

Me and That Man – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1

Behemoth has been very successful with his two previous albums, both released in the 2010s. His new album did not become an exemption. It’s quite easy to see why. The gothic, more rustic sound of the new single is well combined with great vocals. Sometimes, Behemoth even had some guest singers to add a new sound to the singles. Thus, in this album, you can also hear Corey Taylor from Slipknot, Ihsahn from the Emperor, and many others. Such collaboration had only worked in his favor, making this album the best one in his career so far.

King Diamond – The Institute

Finally putting an end to the longest hiatus ever, King Diamond has finally returned to the metal scene. It has been over a decade since the King has released any new music. The Institute is going to be a saga. To decode the messages behind this album, you will need some professionals, we tell you. Better see those essay writing service reviews to know which one to choose, just in case. The two parts of the album will tell the horrors of psychological torments used on girls.

AC/DC – Power Up

The new AC/DC album intrigued not just the old times band fans but the rest of the world. The long-awaited comeback seems to be right at the corner. Since autumn 2020 the legends have been teasing their fans with new singles and promises on social media about new songs to come. Well, it’s about time we learn more about the long-anticipated AC/DC album. Luckily, November 2020 will answer all our quarries. Power up will be the 17th album of the band. Frankly, to learn the entire history of this ban, you should better order an essay at speedypaper. No Internet article will tell you the full story of these legends.

Iron Maiden –  Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City

Iron Maiden is another legendary band that is making their comeback this autumn. The news about the upcoming albums was long circulating as rumors. At last, this autumn the band officially declared about the release of a live album. The album is the result of the Legacy of the Beast World Tour and was recorded in Mexico City a year ago. You better check out some paper writing service reviews before you but the album. You’re gonna need them since you won’t be able to stop listening to the new tracks. It has been five years since these metal legends had their last album, so it is about time we hear something new from them.

Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos 

Looking at our list, it is easy to spot the inconsistency of the singles releases among the metal stars. Well, not with this pal over here. Marilyn Manson has always been one of the most productive and consistent metal stars out there. Though his years of fame were mainly glorious in the 2010s, he still maintains his position as the king of horrors. Once again, Manson is treating his fans with his new album, We Are Chaos. It is the eleventh album in the artist’s 25 years career, which also tells a lot about his productivity.

Body Count – Carnivore

At the beginning of spring 2020, metal fans could find a real treat in the form of the new Body Count album. Carnivore was released after a rather long hiatus. It made a loud come back to the metal scene, reminding the fans of the powerful sound Body Count is famous for. Overall, it is a high-quality album that definitely deserves more attention than it has.

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