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Virtual Sports: The Future Of Sports Betting?

Have you heard of virtual sports? It is the next level of online sports betting and if you have not tried it yet, you definitely should. If online sports betting brought the industry to more people, made it more accessible, and made it easier, virtual sports took the entire world of sports and sports betting to a whole new level.

This is also the reason why a lot of bookies are starting to venture into offering virtual sports betting. You can find who is already with this option through review sites like bet enemy com, as they always keep a list of the top-rated and most well-reviewed bookies around.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports refer to games of fantasy sports that are computer-generated. Some of them are based on real-life teams and players, while others work on completely fictional characters. Virtual sports are played just like real-life sports, only that theta re computer graphics and are run through a randomizing algorithm called the random generator.

Virtual sports began in 1961 when a programmer named John Burgeson coded a fantasy baseball software in an old IBM 1620. This game involved two baseball teams that run an automated game and give out randomized results based on the then earliest build of RNG. Back then, the game was only a few kilobytes in size.

No, and in the future, how would virtual sports evolve further and bring in new advancements not only to the world of gaming but in betting as well? Here are some possible ways.

Virtual Reality sports

Virtual reality or VR is where you get into the “world” of the game as if you are in the environment of it. This new technology in playing video games lets you play the game interactively and realistically like never before.

Most of the time, VR is enjoyed through a special device called a VR headset. This device is worn over your eyes as if a pair of goggles. There are lenses in the device that work as small display screens with images projected to your eyes. The device is also equipped with a gyroscope sensor, detecting the movement of your head, and moving the 360-degrees environment along with you.

Should VR get used in betting soon, you can expect to watch a game of virtual soccer, for example, live and as if you are seated on the bench. Imagine being there “in” the game, without leaving your room!

Augmented reality sports

If virtual reality would have you go to the virtual “world” of the game, augmented reality brings the world of the game to the real world. From the keyword augment, this another next-level technology in gaming uses graphics that are implemented on top of the real-world environment.

One of the best examples of this type of game is the popular mobile game “Pokémon GO.” In “Pokémon GO,” players use the camera of their phone to see Pokémon that are in the “wild” in the real world. There is no real living Pokémon in their neighborhood. Rather, the game developers use computer graphics of these cute creatures and put them on top of the real-world environment. This was made possible through the location detection technology of the developers.

Imagine being able to turn your ordinary table into a poker table, complete with virtual dealers as well as the avatars of your fellow players! That is only one of the possibilities should online betting makes use of augmented reality in the future.

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