Brief History of Online Casinos in Canada

Canada is a country where some of the earliest forms of gambling were conceived. However, that’s not what we’re interested in right now, as we’ll focus on gambling activities that took place during the last two centuries after the first casinos opened their doors in the Great White North. We’ll also pay special attention to CasiGo Casino Review as the pinnacle of the development of the gambling industry in the country.

Canadian Criminal Code and the Prohibition of Gambling

The first time gambling was mentioned in Canada was in the Canadian Criminal Code created in the 19th century. Back then, Canadians weren’t so fond of this activity and made it completely illegal. There were no legal gambling operations for most of the 20th century since it was officially legalized in 1969.

Post-Legalization Era

In 1969, Canada’s lawmakers made an amendment to the Criminal Code, legalizing gambling operations and allowing the lottery. This paved the way for the gambling industry to flourish in the country, with casinos popping up all over.

Even though land-based casinos were popular, they faced stiff competition in the 90s when the first online casino opened its virtual doors to visitors.

Evolution of Online Casinos in Canada

Some of the first online casinos in Canada were small, offering just a handful of games, such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The biggest problem surrounding the early days of the online gambling industry was the lack of regulation. This wasn’t just an issue in Canada, so many countries around the world decided to do something to regulate online casinos properly.

How Are Online Casinos Regulated in Canada

Canadian lawmakers didn’t quite succeed in regulating the online casino market. There are still a couple of difficult obstacles to overcome to legalize online casinos entirely. At this point, you might be wondering — are online casinos legal in Canada at all?

It’s difficult to answer this question. The country does offer several regulated and state-owned online gambling sites, but that’s it. These sites are mostly there for regional funding, and their offer of games is quite limited. Not many Canadians enjoy playing games on those sites.

On the other hand, private casino operators cannot offer online casinos within Canada’s borders. Luckily, Canadian residents aren’t stripped of opportunities to play high-quality casino games.

As a matter of fact, they are free to join offshore-licensed online gambling sites and play games that way. This leads us to the last part of the article – international online casinos.

Offshore Online Casinos in Canada

Offshore casinos are online gambling platforms licensed by international regulators. In other words, Canadian regulators don’t have any power over them, meaning offshore sites don’t have to pay taxes in Canada. Overall, casino enthusiasts love that they have so many options, but Canada’s government isn’t particularly happy with getting no money from that.

If you’re looking for a way to play high-quality casino games on the web in a safe and secure online casino, then offshore platforms are the right thing for you. Canadian regulators might take action to incorporate these casinos by offering them licences, which is something Sweden and the UK already did.

However, it’s difficult to guess what Canadian lawmakers have in mind, meaning anything could happen. If you’re an active online casino player from Canada, follow the latest news about the country’s online gambling industry’s laws and regulations. That’s the only way to learn what your options are when it comes to online casinos.

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