Four Amazing Tricks you can do with PDF

PDFs offer a variety of functions that the average user doesn’t know about. PDF is used every day for many day-to-day tasks inside the office or classrooms. Did you know that there are many amazing tricks you can do with PDF? Read on to learn more.

1. Convert PDF for Kindle Users

Not all kindle users know that Amazon converts a PDF file to a suitable format for viewing on Kindle. In case it doesn’t happen automatically, the trick is to send an email with the attached document to your Kindle email. After securing the paper, the subject line should include the word “convert.” This trick will do to convert the feature.

2. Convert PDF to PNG

Sometimes there is the need to convert an image into a different format so that it can be used in various applications and on websites. The trick is to use an excellent app to convert pdf to png. A good-quality converter recompresses the required file without damaging its content. Quality maintenance is a must while you convert pdf to png. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to download an app, the trick is to find a good website that can do it instantly for you.

You can also use a pdf to png converter to turn your pictures of whiteboard notes into a PDF file. So many students don’t realize they can do it and waste their time and effort in re-writing their notes later. Also, you can scan scribbled notes, books, and pictures and turn them into a PDF with a mere click of your mouse.

PDF files can be saved directly to Google Drive and Dropbox as well. The advantage of storing PDF files in cloud storage is that you can access these from anywhere and anytime. This gives you the freedom o access your files instantly without being glued to your desktop.

3. Getting Creative with PDF

If you are interested in art and craft, then it is highly recommended to check out artistic websites that offer fantastic PDF sewing patterns. Bet you didn’t know about this one. These websites provide an incredible variety of PDF patterns that can be printed and are ready to use. It doesn’t matter whether you create sofas or simple handbags; the unique PDF sewing patterns will help you in making your artistic masterpieces.

4. Pinterest to PDF

Users of Pinterest are continuously growing. If you are an avid user of Pinterest, you might be fearful of losing all of your pins. No worries! This trick will save you the fret and save your favorite Pinterest boards to PDF. All you need to do is to over a board, one at a time, and select CTRL + P, which will then pull up a printing box. The last step is to choose the option of “Print to PDF” after you have adjusted your desired printing option.

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