Adopt these saving habits and save some money this month

We all want to save a little extra money each month. But with the contents of your paycheck struggling to keep up with the cost of living, it’s easier said than done. When we think about saving money, it’s easy to imagine cutting out the things you love and the habits you enjoy but is harder to put into practice. It’s one of the many reasons some of us struggle to put anything away each month.

However, saving money doesn’t have to be difficult, or stop you from doing the things you enjoy. Want to know more? Adopt these saving habits and save some money this month.

Check your broadband deal

Are you really getting the best broadband deal? When you decide to switch up your broadband provider, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a better service and a lower, competitive price. It just makes sense. You’ll find the latest broadband deals [link removed at request of website owner] here, just click the link to start saving money. Glitchy gaming, connectivity issues, buffering, it’s all infuriating but could be a thing of the past and quickly sorted with just a few clicks. You could even consider rolling your internet, phone and TV services into one cheaper bundle.

Stop buying coffee

Dropping into a coffee shop on the way to work, or picking up a coffee at the weekend sounds harmless enough, but it’s costing you more money than you think. Cut down on your coffee shop spends and your bank balance will thank you. Don’t panic, you don’t have to give up your much loved caffeine fix, you can make good coffee at home and you’ll still save.

Abandon the brand names

Brand name breakfast cereal, toiletries, grooming products…the list goes on. The truth is you can pick up store own-brand alternatives for half the price yet enjoy the same quality. Maybe you buy the brands out of habit, or perhaps you’re unconvinced about the supermarket version. Either way, try a cheaper brand and you’ll be amazed at your satisfaction and the savings you’ll make.

Getting the drinks

Ok, so you’re a generous person and you love a night out with friends. Unfortunately, we all know how quickly a bar tab can get out of hand. If others aren’t buying rounds, then you shouldn’t be footing the bill and paying for everyone to have a good time. You can still go out and enjoy yourself, just pay for each drink as it comes and don’t go overboard.

And finally, stop impulse buying

Gig tickets, new clothes, something for the car or the kids – if it’s not a necessity it’s a luxury which means you don’t have to buy it. Impulse purchases can really take their toll on your bank balance, making it difficult to save any money and over any financial emergencies. If you see something you like, try to give yourself at least 48hours to think it over and decide if you really want it or not. This will help keep your spending in check.

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