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Metal money

Mosh April 26, 2013 Misc No Comments on Metal money
Money Queen

Money Queen (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

There’s a story in the news today that Churchill (Winston, not the dog from the TV adverts) is to feature on the new five pound note coming out in 2016. There are also people on Twitter who’ve re-tweeted with a slight alteration to make people think that it’s Thatcher who’ll be on it.

The righteous indignation being expressed by those caught out by this late April Fool is fun to watch.

However, I’d still rather we had more real-world icons on our cash. I submit to you:

£5 note – Iron Maiden. Band on one side, Eddie ripping an Argentinian flag to shreds on the other

£10 note – Judas Priest. Band on one side, gay rights flag interposed with leather and studs on the other

£20 note – Motorhead. Band on one side, bottle of JD on the other

£50 note – Black Sabbath. Band on one side, sacks of cash and “WTF £60 for a gig ticket?!” on the other

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