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F*ck you Cowell, I won't do what you tell me!#ratm4xmas

The Battle of Christmas 2009

The Battle of Christmas 2009

For those who haven’t heard yet, there is a converted effort to shift this ridiculous “tradition” that’s surfaced over the last few years.

A bunch of over-rated self-involved karaoke starlets get led to believe they’re actually talented by a ridiculously rich record producer, a talentless female singer and… erm… some guy with an Irish accent. I have no idea who he is.

After far too long, during which time I have to endure people at work/college talking about the elimination round, one of them is finally selected by popular vote (which may or may not be rigged). This is usually the one who, coincidentally, is the most commercially promising as decided by the stupidly rich record producer. Funny that.

They then go on to have the Christmas number 1 in the UK, record an album nobody buys and get forgotten about shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, the smarmy rich record producer buys another Ferrari to compensate for… well.

This year, let’s make a difference. There is a plot launching today to try and get Rage Against The Machine‘s classic track Killing In The Name pushed to number one instead. OK, it’s not seasonal. But it’s actual music. By an original artist. Not a bloody cover version.

I’m writing this post well before the final of X-Factor. I don’t know who’s in it. I don’t care. I would, however, just like to have a decent song at number one for a change.

For full details, head on over to Rage Factor! which will tell you the relevant dates, and where to buy the single. It must be purchased this week to ensure the sales count towards the UK chart for Christmas.

T-shirts are available (10% of proceeds to the charity Shelter) as is a free PDF poster. It’s serious – even Bill Bailey tweeted about it!

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You do of course realise that Rage Against The Machine are signed to Sony, and so are the X-Factor finalists.

Plus, isn’t it rather ironic that you’re telling us to do something when the lyric of the song is “F**k you I won’t do what you tell me?”

There’s a much better Pet Shop Boys single for Christmas anyway ;)

Iain Purdie

Yup, I did know about the labels being the same. There’s an interview with the guy who started the campaign and he acknowledges it but states – and I have no reason not to believe him – that it didn’t occur to him. He picked the song based on the chorus. Not that I’ll be buying it regardless, but anything to annoy Cowell has to be a good thing!


Yes, lets all rage against the media machine and buy a track from a hugely successful band who sold out to the massive commercial label – Epic Records. It will be ace to hear the bleeped out version played on radio 1 breakfast show. That will show “them”.

LULZ – you are a sucker just like everyone else who buys this record.

Iain Purdie

As if I’m going to listen to someone who posts as “moc.n1540090736ona@n1540090736ona1540090736”.

Thank you, at least, for a grammatically-correct response.


The winner, Joe is from your neck of the woods, Mosh…give the Toon lad a chance, love his accent!

Not too hot on the song, neither can I be arsed with Rage’s song either; they’re raking it in too with all this publicity or do they intend to pledge all to charity? Winner = record label. Ker-ching – Xmas number 1 and 2, what a result!

Iain Purdie

Frankly, anything that pisses Cowell off keeps me happy. I see he’s gone bleating to the tabloids today. I don’t think RATM care one way or another, and who can blame them?