Interview: Sickrecy

Why does the world need a band like Sickrecy? A band who specialise in a genre that has been around for well over thirty years and will offer nothing new to the table. The simple fact is this, ladies and gentleman… Sickrecy are that good!  With quality songwriting, a grindcore record that sounds so good and yet reminds us all of where grindcore began as well as being mixed and mastered by William Blackmon at The Overlook. Citing Napalm Death as their major influence, I would also add Misery Index in there for good measure and with Salvation Through Tyranny, Sickrecy have released a strong grindcore album if you wanted to know what grindcore sounded like today.

Having played “Closure” as my closing song for many weeks recently, you should all know what Sickrecy sound like and until they release a song called “Opener”, a closing song it will be for the foreseeable future.

It was an honour to interview Martin, Marcus and Adde about all things Sickrecy and I hope we can do it soon once again (I still can’t believe I called Adde of Birdflesh / General Surgery fame “lazy”).

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