Interview: Imperium

Funny how things work out. A post that was put out on my radio page Ricky of Moshville Times detailing the previous night’s set list on my Thursday night dark metal radio show, only to then tag the wrong Imperium in the post.

It felt only right then by way of an apology to have a few words with the “wrong” band. As luck would have it, after seven years together they have released their self titled debut EP in August of this year. Four tracks of crushing heavy metal with thrash overtones are what you get and I strongly recommend this band if you like groove and banging your head. They certainly have a new fan in myself and will have with you once you listen to the EP.

I asked them what took them so long to get those songs out, what touring plans they have in the future and what new material they have already. Having just played Bloodstock, they are ready to get out on the road with Moshville Winterfest headliners Dog Tired next year. We will hear the name of Imperium much more in the near future.

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Imperium: official | facebook | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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