Interview: Thrashatouille

Coming towards the end of Badgerfest, we had a couple of late entrants wishing to be interviewed and who are we at Moshville Times to say no?

Regulars over on Moshville Radio, and indeed setting up our first competition, were chef metal band Thrashatouille who had plenty to say. We met up with vocalist Pastry Chef who was more than happy to talk all things recipes (lyrics), who ate all the pies (Shells!), upcoming gigs and what he thought of Badgerfest.

Shells of Moshville Times, Bracken Hake and myself Ricky of Moshville Times were pleased to hear that they have new recipes being made in the kitchen, so expect something hot in the oven in the very near future.

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Thrashatouille: facebook | twitter

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