Interview: Kringer And The Battle Katz

Self confessed idiots and hardcore groove metal crew Kringer And The Battle Katz noticed that Moshville Times had a video camera and microphones at last month’s Badgerfest which led to Shells of Moshville Times, Bracken Hake and myself Ricky of Moshville Times being kidnapped and ordered to do an interview.

What we found were extremely nice fellows who play “idiot core” metal and have gigs up and down the country. It’s good to see bands that don’t take themselves too seriously and the fact that they have been busy writing new material and constantly keep the band name out there. Fair play to them, though, when they thought they were getting interviewed by Moscow Records (7 minutes 10 secs)…

We at Moshville Times and Moshville Radio did not take offence to this and will certainly be watching this band and their ventures. Honest.

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Kringer And The Battle Katz: facebook | bigcartel

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