Interview: Dog Tired

Moshville Times regulars and down right good guys Dog Tired made the trip to Badgerfest to catch a glimpse at a festival that Mark, Bracken and I would love to see them perform at.

After seeing Dog Tired numerous times, I think it’s safe to say that they would tear Manchester apart if invited to play. What isn’t safe with Dog Tired is spending a night out with them as you get back to your hotel at 4am. However, knowing that drummer Keith and guitarist Luke were down, we simply had to pull them over for an interview.

Yet again, it was really cool to catch up with Dog Tired who have just played a regular number of gigs culminating in their gig in Glasgow Ivory Blacks on December 3rd. Listen to how the guys have been doing, what they thought of Badgerfest and the usual shenanigans when you talk to Dog Tired.

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Dog Tired: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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