Interview: Basement Torture Killings

I originally met former Band of the Day Basement Torture Killings at Badgerfest last month, however, due to a motor vehicle accident involving my colleagues travelling up from the south and they having the camera equipment, I could not interview the band on that day. I did give them a peace offering of a more extensive interview with myself, which they happily accepted.

I must admit, I was nervous for this one as Basement Torture Killings are a big name in the underground and are known all over the world. That and the fact that their last album, Lessons in Murder, was a manual providing you with advice on how to become a serial killer. What happened was one of the most pleasurable interviews that I have had with a band and BTK now hold the throne of my longest ever band interview.

This is a real in-depth interview with the band and I hope that you enjoy listening to this. I do have to apologise for the sound quality from my side on occasions but this is what happens when you spill Jack Daniels and Coke all over your laptop.

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Basement Torture Killings: officialfacebook | youtube

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