Badgerfest 2021 interview: The Injester

The Moshville Times had a delegation of staff attending this year’s Badgerfest with thirty five bands in attendance over a three day period in Manchester. Shells of Moshville Times, Bracken Hake and Ricky of Moshville Times had the best time ever with a very warm, friendly and welcoming Manchester metal scene.

To show that this is no word of a lie, the three of us have already booked the hotel for Badgerfest 2022. We were kept extremely busy (and drunk) interviewing bands that were willing to talk. Next on the list for interview were The Injester who are on a high after a storming set here at Badgerfest and it felt right to have a chat with vocalist Ashe. The Injester have been keeping busy during the past year writing material for their next release. Now, The Injester like to keep their identities secret, but what we do know is that they are seasoned professionals who have played numerous festivals with other bands but felt the time was right for a band like The Injester. The Injester tell us all about the new album, the touring plans they have for the remainder of the year and of course their set at Badgerfest.

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