Badgerfest 2021 Interview: Harbinger

With the news of gigs coming back, albeit with a limited capacity for now, Badgerfest looks to be running and we at Moshville Times are especially glad to hear that. At the time of writing, Badgerfest 2021 is now sold out [more tickets just released with lockdown easing! – Mosh], so congratulations to John Badger and the bands playing at the festival.

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Next on my list of interviews are London-based technical metal outfit Harbinger who have been keeping busy during this lockdown by writing material for their next release. Harbinger have created a name for themselves on the UK circuit and have been busy writing songs for their next mini album. I am sure there will be bigger things to come from Harbinger now that the world is beginning to open up again.

Harbinger like to play their take on the technical metal with beatdowns with influences ranging from Thy Art is Murder, Pantera and Whitechapel. It was an absolute pleasure interviewing the band and here we find out what they have been working on since the release of Compelled to Suffer in 2019, how songs are constructed in the studio and of course, Badgerfest. Be sure to check them out yourselves.

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Harbinger: official | facebook | twitterinstagram | bandcamp | youtube

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