Video Interview: All Consumed

All Consumed have been flying the death metal flag for the UK for a number of years now and have appeared at major festivals as well as playing smaller local venues up and down the country. They like to play their death metal the old school way, focusing on groove and writing good songs rather than 1000mph technical riffs. This band love nothing more than to see their fans head bang and, as far as I am concerned, that is exactly how death metal should be played.

All Consumed have just released their third album Rise of the Godless and a brilliant video for the song Through Violence Worship. I simply had to get in touch.

After having a couple of Jack Daniels one night (is it just me or have we all become lockdown alcoholics?) I bucked up the courage to drop them an email to request an interview. I am so glad that I did as you couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of guys who are all excited about the album launch and the hope of promoting the album on the touring front.

Thanks guys for the interview and see you on the next tour.

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Rise of the Godless is out now

All Consumed: facebook | twitter | bandcamp | reverbnation

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