Ricky Warwick video interview – part one

There’s no hiding that I’m a huge fan of Ricky Warwick, his past bands and his current ones. With news of his latest solo release on the horizon (When Life Was Hard & Fast was reviewed recently, and is out at the end of this week), I reached out for half an hour of his time and ended up having a hugely enjoyable chat to one of the most enthusiastic and genuine musicians out there.

In part one, we focus mainly on the new record and the inspiration behind the songs and cover image. Part two will follow in a couple of days, in which we talk about Ricky’s musical beginnings up to the present day.

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Apologies for Ricky’s head vanishing at times! Skype doesn’t seem to be great at lining up the images when it renders the recording!

When Life Was Hard & Fast  is out on February 19th

Ricky Warwick: facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | youtube

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