Badgerfest 2021 interview – Godeater

Godeater are the next band to be interviewed that are going to play Badgerfest 2021 in October next year in Manchester.

Like every other band, Godeater were on the crest of a wave before Covid came in but, rest assured, they are using this downtime constructively and writing more material. Even although I interviewed the band a couple of weeks ago now, I had to keep it quiet until they had released their hugely impressive single, “You are no Exception”, on these pages a few days ago.

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Godeater are a technical death metal band from Glasgow and have certainly upped the ante with the sound and maturity of their musicianship with this recent release. They will certainly decimate the Badgerfest stage when they get down there and will certainly walk away with new fans. We talk about the aforementioned single, how songs are constructed within Godeater and their thoughts on Badgerfest.

Enjoy the interview, look up the new single and watch them onstage at Badgerfest or at a venue near you soon….hopefully!

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Badgerfest 2021 event details can be found here and tickets can be purchased here.

“You Are No Exception” is out now

Godeater: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp


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