Interview: Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift

Spirit Adrift have recently released their brand new album Enlightened in Eternity via Century media records. Prior to release, we had the opportunity to chat with founder and vocalist about the new album, his love for horror movies and his musical journey.

How do you feel the response has been so far?

Really positive man. We’re in a pretty fortunate position which I’m grateful for everyday, in that people respond positively to the music we put out everyday. For whatever reason, we don’t get any hate but it seems to be a bigger amount of positive response this time around. People seem to like our stuff which is really cool and feel as though it’s our strongest material.

Was the process behind this album any different?

The writing has been the same since the beginning. I write everything at home and learnt how to program the drums on the previous album so I did it again this time around. I use to demo the drums in person, but now with the programming it makes it a bit easier. If Marcus feels as though he would play something different from the programming, then we’ll change it. The recording process was different this time around. We did it in Tucson with the same engineer we used for the Black Sabbath cover and worked Monday through Friday in Tucson. We then went home to Phoenix at the weekend, and it allowed for us to get a break and come back the next week refreshed and ready.

You’re quite a fan of horror movies. What would you say are some of your favourites?

Man that’s tricky. That’s changed a lot, but the first I fell in love with was the original “Halloween.” I’ve seen it so many times that I have it memorised, but I love it and love everything the director has made. However, the number one now I’d say is probably “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I have a tattoo of it, and my wife and I moved to the area where they shot most of the film. The gas-station from the movie is like 15 minutes from my house which is really cool. Another favourite is “Don’t Look Now”. Those are probably the ones that are my favourites.

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What’s something you want to see less of in the music scene?


I have a lot of different answers to that. I would love to see less old school death metal throwback bands, and bands trying to revive something that’s already happened. I would like to see more bands doing new things and carrying the torch forward. I’d like to see less bands in general to be honest. Unless you were as good as Van Halen or Lynyrd Skynyrd, you didn’t get a record deal in the early days. You had to be good to get the time of day and stand the test of time. Whilst it’s great that people can make records and play shows, but bands that would never have gotten the time of day back then, are now and they’re not always that good. I would just like to see less bands, period. Some of those bands might have great social media, cool merch and other things but their music would never earn them any merits.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people outside the industry may have about musicians?

The person that you think are such a huge fan of, is not the actual person. It’s very strange, as I’m at the literal tale end of people who saw the world before social media and saw how it changed. It’s strange that people think they can be friends with someone, just from what they saw on social media. A lot of people who are adored and worshipped by fans, are often not good people in person. Unless people know them personally, you will never know what they are like in real life. The only thing that you can base their persona on, is what they choose to say and reveal in interviews. People need to stop idolising these people that create these riffs and have social media.

People will cancel a band they don’t like, but won’t cancel a band they do like for the same thing. It’s the idolisation that enables them to turn a blind eye to people that are ‘popular’, but will cancel the band that isn’t. There’s too much double standards man.

Are there any plans that are set in stone going forward, or is it a case of taking it as it comes?

I’m not going to do another album next year as I’ve got some pretty monumental personal stuff happening, so I’ll be taking a bit of a break. We have some tours scheduled in Europe, but I’m not even really thinking about anything as I can’t control anything. If they let us tour, then I’ll be doing that but if not I’ll be in Texas and doing other things.

What are your opinions on everything that’s happening now?

For whatever reason, the western countries have become dominated by negativity. The compulsive toxic need to have someone to fight against or hate, and I’m sick of it. People are being manipulated by their most negative impacts of their personality. What people see on social media is not real and we’re just being pummeled with fear, paranoia and division. We can’t have a president that denounces white supremacy and has a hard time saying it’s bad. I am not a fan of politicians in general and that the entire system in America needs to be revamped. It’s owned by money and I think we should put every single politician in prison and do away with corporate lobbying.

I can’t control any of that though, but I can be a good husband and write good music. I’ll continue doing that and looking after my dogs as well. But yeah, none of those dudes represent any of the kind normal people. They are all puppets and driven by corporate greed.

You have 30 seconds, say whatever you wish.

Thanks for the interview, and I hope that we can play some music for you and the people in the UK soon! Stay safe everyone.

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