Interview: Marc Hood of Cadaver Soiree

Last August, I had the pleasure of reviewing Leeds based old school death metal band Cadaver Soiree who released their debut album To Betray the Creator to high acclaim. Cadaver Soiree are not in this game to create something new but to remember the old gods of death metal and why death metal is still relevant after thirty years.

It was great to hear that they are already working tirelessly on their next album and have delved deeper into the brutality akin to the Florida death metal scene. I for one will be looking forward to hearing it. Until then, I caught up with vocalist and all-round good guy Marc who chatted about all things to do with the band.

I wish Cadaver Soiree all the best and will hope to catch them on the road one day.

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Cadaver Soiree: facebook | bandcamp

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