Badgerfest 2021 interview: Ricky with Asa and Dan of Elyrean

Elyrean are the first band to be interviewed that are going to play Badgerfest on October 15th until October 17th in Manchester next year. Elyrean play their brand of technical thrash/death metal with comparisons to Sylosis, Revocation and Death.

Having played Bloodstock last year, Elyrean quickly released their 40 minute debut EP Blacken the Sun in December to much acclaim. Like every other band, Elyrean were on the crest of a wave before Covid came in but rest assured, they are using this down time constructively and are already working on their debut album. The 8 minute songs are here to stay, so we will be privileged to hear what they wrote when it comes out.

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Thank you Asa and Dan for this interview and I look forward to seeing you in April in Edinburgh and of course Badgerfest in October 2021.

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Badgerfest 2021 event details can be found here and tickets can be purchased here.

Elyrean: facebook | bandcamp

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